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 Dr Olaitan Okunoye 

Pr. Riadh GOUIDER received his medical degree in 1993, a Diploma of Neurology in 1994 and a Master in human genetics in 1999 from the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis. He also received a Diploma of Clinical Neurophysiology in 1993 from the Faculty of Medicine of Paris VI Salpetriere.

Pr Gouider is:

  • Head of Department of Neurology at Razi University Hospital since 2002 and the Alzheimer’s center since 2010 and the MS center since 2018.

  • President of Tunisian Neurology and Neurosurgery College since 2018.

  • Founding member of the Maghrebian Federation of Neurology in 2001.

  • Honorary President of the Pan Arab Union of Neurological Societies (PAUNS) since 2013.

  • Founding member of MENACTRIMS (The Middle East and North Africa Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis) since 2013 and Vice President since 2014.

  • Honorary President of Pan African Association of Neurological Sciences (PAANS) since 2016.

  • Founding member of the African Academy of Neurology (AFAN) and honorary President since 2016.

  • Member in the Sclerosis Lateral Amyotrophic research project and related syndromes in tropical zone (TROPALS) since 2012 and Expert member in the International Small Fibers Neuropathies Network and member of the CMT- International Database since 2015.

  • Member of the European Academy of Neurology since 2007 and fellow since 2018.

  • Member of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) since 2012 and fellow since 2019.

  • Member of the Scientific Council of the International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis (MSIF) since 2013 and Vice President of the Scientific Committee of the Tunisian Association of Multiple Sclerosis (ATSEP) since 2014.

  • Pr Gouider received several awards from International Societies: American Academy of Neurology (Foreign Scholarship Award on 1994), European Academy of Neurology (EAN Special Service Award on 2018), Pan Arab Union of Neurological Societies (PAUNS Award (WCN Dubai, UAE):2019), Maghrebian Federation of Neurology...

  • He authored and co-authored more than 200 original papers or book chapters.

  • His main fields of interest are Neurogenetics, Multiple sclerosis, Dementia and Epilepsy.

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 Professor Riadh Gouider 

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