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IBRO-MENA/IPDGC-Africa/ Conference on Bridging the Disparity Gap in Genetic Research of Parkinson’s Disease and Other Neurodegenerative Conditions


Aims and Scope of the School:

The aim of this  conference is to acquaint student-practitioners with the gaps and challenges in applied neuroscience research in emerging economies and academia.



The MENA region and Sub-Saharan Africa are confronted with diverse challenges. However, these challenges provide opportunities for the development of quality research pertinent to neurodegenerative diseases of diverse etiologies, including those that may be precipitated through environmental factors. A case in point is Parkinson’s Disease where emerging evidence suggests that “one gene does not fit all”, due to nuances gene-environmental interactions, inclusive of diet/microbiome, chemical exposures, and demographic/socioeconomic stressors. It is an imperative that these research gaps be bridged through collaborative efforts in education and shared research resources, human and physical.


Who should apply to this School?

Health professional students and graduate students interested in gene-environment interaction relevant to the MENA and Sub-Saharan region. Only students from the African and Middle-eastern region are eligible to apply.


There will be two separate sessions for this course running on the following dates, you can register to one of them using the links below.

Session 1 (25th – 27th August 2021)

Registration Link:


Session 2 (28th – 30th August 2021)

Registration Link:

Course Structure


Session 1:



Session 2: 

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